Saturday, 25 January 2014

A first birthday poem

This day last year
I had no idea
How my life would change
Once you were here.

Alarm clocks became a redundant tool
My clothes soon covered in puke and drool
A good night’s sleep a thing of the past
Meals now consumed in your naptimes, fast.

It took me months just to read a book
My tummy now wobbles like a jelly someone shook
I’ve been to public places with only one eye made up
Been covered in milk when you’d feed and then throw up.

But no one could have told me the day the day that you popped out
How much my heart would swell with joy with every smile and pout
That even though I’d never thought I’d be ‘that kind of mum’
I’d lift you high into the air to sniff a suspect poo-ey bum.

Each day you change and need me less … you grow into a boy
Your independent bravery fills me with both fear and joy
I want to hold you close forever, protect you from life’s darker side
All I can do is to teach you well and hope in me you’ll always confide.

It doesn’t matter what you do, be you doctor or a dustman
I’ll always be so proud of you, I’ll always be your biggest fan
I hope you have an awesome life, filled with love and laughter
As all I want for you my son is happy ever after.

Mummy poet x

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