Saturday, 29 March 2014

A mothers day wish

'Full-time', 'part-time', 'stay-at-home' ... you're all great mums, leave each other alone!
Let's not judge each other's choices but sing out loud with guilt free voices;
'I love my bundle of snot-covered joy and a happy mum makes a happy girl/boy!'

Breast or bottle, daycare or childminder, your kid will be fine ... you're playing a blinder!
They're fed, washed and cuddled ... they know that you're there,
And through life, love and heartache they'll know that you cared.

So whether your 'baby' is 4 months or 40, a little sweet angel ... a monkey that's naughty,
Give your offspring a kiss, let your other half play,
And enjoy a large drink on this year's mothers day.

Mummy Poet x

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