Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Sleep while I'm sleeping

Sleep while I'm sleeping Mum before it's too late,
Sleep while I'm sleeping Mum, the dishes can wait.
Take a seat, close your eyes and re-energise,
Sleep while I'm sleeping Mum, I'll soon be awake.

Rest while I'm resting Mum you too need a break,
Rest while I'm resting, read a book, eat some cake.
My nap time is your time so use it with care,
I know I'm demanding and your 'me time' is rare.

If you sleep while I'm sleeping Mum the world doesn't end,
If you rest while I'm resting Mum your tired nerves will mend.
When I wake from my dreams, full of life, full of beans,
You'll be glad that you took my advice.

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