Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Gluey artworks on the fridge,
Upturned chairs to make a bridge,
Jumping on sofas, climbing up trees,
Picking up pebbles and stomping on leaves.

'I'm a big boy now' but still wants a bottle,
Finds some things hard but goes for it full throttle,
'Go away mummy!' but then wants a cuddle,
A head full of questions, back teeth and muddle.

No longer a baby, still not quite a boy,
Often a headache, more often a joy,
Soon will come pre-school, new challenges, fears,
Mummy will be here to wipe away tears.

Childhood is fleeting so try to hold on,
They're growing so fast now, so stuborn and strong,
Hug them each day, let them know that you're there,
Then give them their freedom, their life's yours to share.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Just a mum

Hair cutter,
Playgroup nutter,
Rustling up some toast and butter.

Buggy wheeling,
Kiss stealing,
Teething causes sinking feeling.

Play Doh kneading,
Story reading,
Tot in peril - 'is it bleeding?'

Kiss it better,
Learn some letters,
Wrangling toddler into sweater.

Drinking coffee on the run,
I'm nothing special,
Just a mum.

Thursday, 11 September 2014


I never knew my sister,
She died before I lived,
I see her in my parents eyes,
The sorrow of a life not lived.

I never knew my sister,
But know that she's still loved,
And that her life came to an end,
A loss I fear to comprehend.

I never knew my sister,
Yet feel her loss anew,
I mourn today what could have been,
The aunt my son has never seen.

I never knew you sister,
I wish that you were here,
To share the up's and down's of life,
To wipe away each others tears.

I never knew you sister,
But hold you in my heart,
And hope that you have seen me,
Through a lifetime spent apart.

Sunday, 7 September 2014


Milk weaning,
Oatmeal cleaning,
Time for cuddles,
Homework struggles,
Early rising, lack of wealth,
Rarely thinking of oneself.

Fear protecting,
App selecting,
Tickle times,
Help to climb,
Ever ready with a hug,
Running, jumping, chasing bugs.

Putting other people first,
Always proud, about to burst,
Realising that life is fleeting,
Evenings in and fussy eating,
Not too long before they've flown,
Tot, teenager, fully grown,
Such hard work, yet what a thrill, a little life with love to fill.