Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A New Year Poem

New beginnings, fond farewells,
Loved one's passed and wedding bells.
Children growing, aches and pains,
Daily chores and blocked-up drains.

Some days sunny, others with storms,
Drinks with friends and babies born.
Our patchwork life in 3-6-5 days,
No wonder it feels like a bit of a maze.

Good year or bad, let it slip to the past,
Wave troubles farewell like sails tied to a mast.
Step into tomorrow with it's imperfect mess,
Some days will be joyful, others just stress.

None of us knows what the next chapter holds,
So don't over think it, be courageous and bold.
Whatever's in store be it love, luck or strife,
It's another fine page in your wonderful life.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

A Christmas Poem

It's sometimes hard at this time of the year,
In the midst of the bustle and festive cheer,
To find a moment to sit and unwind,
And think of the year that you're leaving behind.

Some of it good, some of it bad,
Moments and memories, happy and sad.
Life is a journey, not all of it easy,
It's not always possible to be bright and breezy.

The holly and tinsel and children's pure joy,
Can mingle with thoughts that are out to destroy,
Glimpses of loved one's and ghosts from the past,
Threaten to crack through our happiness masks.

We sit and we worry on what lies ahead,
Thoughts of work, life or health may crowd up in our head,
A mince pie and brandy, a work Christmas do,
May leave you to wonder why you're still feeling blue.

Remember to focus on what you have now,
Each moment is fleeting, be it kisses or rows.
Stay strong for your loved ones, friends and family in need,
The New Year is coming, it's hurtling at speed.

Once the turkey is carved and the crackers are pulled,
When the wine bottle's empty, be it cava or mulled.
Let's lift up our glasses and raise up a toast,
To friends past and present, the one's we love most.

Whatever has been and whatever's in store,
Don't forget that the universe gives strength to endure,
The times that are challenging, tough and unclear,
Make the good times seem sweeter and absent from fear.

So a merry old Christmas to you my dear friends,
A new year is coming so let's make amends,
And hope the next twelve months whatever they bring,
Gives us reasons to celebrate, laugh, smile and sing.

Mummy Poet x

Saturday, 6 December 2014

On your sleeve

Forget the dark circles,
The stretch marks and scars,
The dodgy right ankle from slips on toy cars,
Nobody warns you that when you have kids,
Emotions boil over - a pot minus lid.

Now a tale of injustice, cruelty, neglect,
Will stir up strong feelings you will not expect,
The urge to protect like a lion with their cub,
No longer able to cast off with a shrug.

Reports of young courage on Children In Need,
Causes heartache so painful you'll donate at speed,
A story of wartime, infants injured while sleeping,
Will bring instant tears, uncontrollable weeping.

A children's choir, a forgotten mitten,
A picture of a newborn kitten,
All will cause your eyes to prick ...
The tears now find it hard to stick.

The sight of children's joy at play,
You'll sit and blub an hour away.

When you give birth you'll not retrieve,
A heart now permanently on your sleeve.

Mummy Poet x