Monday, 30 November 2015


It's now your third Christmas, the years seem to fly,
I look at your face with a tear in my eye.
Excitement is high now, the tree has gone up,
You wish that old Santa would please hurry up.

I think about loved ones no longer on Earth,
I pray that they see you place stocking on hearth.
The season is mixed with nostalgia and joy,
We're creating your memories, not just buying toys.

You'll look back on these times one day when you're all grown,
Tell stories and tales to a child of your own.
Whatever life's troubles, let all sorrows lift,
And make this a good one, each day is a gift,

Monday, 2 November 2015

Always a mum

She catches the tube for a Friday night out,
Her hair freshly blow-dried, a painted on pout,
She looks just like anyone heading to town,
But look a bit closer, you'll see a slight frown.

If you opened her bag you might find some more clues,
A crushed box of raisins, a note about shoes.
Next to her make-up a packet of wipes,
Some small bits of plastic, the bell from a trike.

She sits up and breathes, her face softens and mends,
This moment so rare now, a date with old friends.
She flicks through her phone-pics of giggles and smiles,
She looks out the window, seems lost for a while.

It's time to get off now as this is her stop,
She makes a quick call "Keep an eye on his cough",
Tonight she is her again, time to have fun,
But wherever she goes she is always a mum.