Tuesday, 26 July 2016


I thought pre-school was hard, though the free hours were nice,
There were good times and bad times, the threat of head lice,
Issues with others, the phrase "not your friend",
The words "bored" or "scared" could drive round the bend.

Settling issues, awareness of self, soft toys and teddy bears left on the shelf,
Vocabulary doubled, drawings take shape, monsters and heroes, the kind that wear capes.
Feelings, emotions bubbled over and blew,
There were days it was hard and I worried for you.

Infant schools, catchment maps, made my chest tight, 
fretting and hoping decisions were right.
Second choice, waiting lists, tantrums galore,
The sight of your name written, made my heart soar.

Now summer ahead of us, it's sure to go fast,
Let's make it a good one, let's make it a blast.
Camping trips, play-dates, box-models and art,
I'll try to forget that we'll soon be apart.

Don't mourn what has passed, your mind holds the key,
Reading and writing, the climbing of trees,
A new phase beginning, rejoice the new start.
And keep your sweet baby safe locked in your heart.