Tuesday, 1 November 2016


Each stage of their life you fret and you stress,
Latching then feeding then learning to dress.
That first day at nursery and then one day school,
Learning to swim and then lengths of the pool.

Phonics and reading and homework appears,
Watching and soothing through heartache and tears.
Looking in wonder, they grow smart and tall,
Soon they won't need you to walk them at all.

Road safety, strangers ... you try not to scare,
Try to sound calm as you make them aware.
Peer pressure and drinking and staying out late,
So much of life seems subject to fate.

The worry is constant, you'll learn to adjust,
You'll watch them with pride, your heart fit to bust.
Uni, then partner, then kids of their own.
You'll always be there at the end of the phone.