Saturday, 23 September 2017

Angel Baby

Dear angel baby when you left, I started feeling sad, bereft,
A part of me no longer here, your life reflected in my tears,
Many didn't even know, that  you were in me, 12 weeks grown,
Like a secret I can't share, I think of you and blankly stare.

The words cut through me like a knife ... 'incompatible with life'.
Your sweet heart stopped, with silent voice, you freed me from heartbreaking 'choice'.
The world forgets, my stomach shrinks, the hours drift by ... I breathe, I blink.
I scour the net for mums like me, who've lost their heart to Trisomy.

A world of pain we share online, it helps to talk, our words a shrine.
Life will go without you there, your quick demise seems so unfair.
Out from the screen you waved at me while they said 'abnormality'.
I won't forget you little one, my precious tiny un-born son.

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