Monday, 3 February 2014


Although I'm a mum I still like to have fun though my energy levels are lower,
I still like the odd drink so friend if you're asking, mines a large glass of pink!

Mummy poet x

The mummy and the student

When you see her on the street, screaming infant at her feet,
Do not glare in others view for one day soon that could be you.

When you see her on the train, work suit with faint puree stain,
Don't look down dreaming of tonight's party, give her a smile and a sip of your latte.

One day a student, next day a mum,
You're still up all night it's just slightly less fun!

Mummy poet x


Cruising, walking, MMR, forward facing in the car
Thoughts of schools and catchment maps,
Trips to Clarks and fewer naps.

Less a baby, more a boy, chatting, babbling to his toys
'Dad', 'Mum', 'Duck' 'Bubble',
The joy of words and mum-pride doubled.

Potty training, sippy cups, could those damn molars hurry up?
Climbing, running, shows no fear,
Mummy needs a post-bed beer!

Bouts of shyness, head-lap-hiding,
Toddler rants and biscuit bribing.

Shouting, joyful small-boy cries,
Still the apple of my eye.

Mummy poet x