Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A New Year Poem

New beginnings, fond farewells,
Loved one's passed and wedding bells.
Children growing, aches and pains,
Daily chores and blocked-up drains.

Some days sunny, others with storms,
Drinks with friends and babies born.
Our patchwork life in 3-6-5 days,
No wonder it feels like a bit of a maze.

Good year or bad, let it slip to the past,
Wave troubles farewell like sails tied to a mast.
Step into tomorrow with it's imperfect mess,
Some days will be joyful, others just stress.

None of us knows what the next chapter holds,
So don't over think it, be courageous and bold.
Whatever's in store be it love, luck or strife,
It's another fine page in your wonderful life.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

A Christmas Poem

It's sometimes hard at this time of the year,
In the midst of the bustle and festive cheer,
To find a moment to sit and unwind,
And think of the year that you're leaving behind.

Some of it good, some of it bad,
Moments and memories, happy and sad.
Life is a journey, not all of it easy,
It's not always possible to be bright and breezy.

The holly and tinsel and children's pure joy,
Can mingle with thoughts that are out to destroy,
Glimpses of loved one's and ghosts from the past,
Threaten to crack through our happiness masks.

We sit and we worry on what lies ahead,
Thoughts of work, life or health may crowd up in our head,
A mince pie and brandy, a work Christmas do,
May leave you to wonder why you're still feeling blue.

Remember to focus on what you have now,
Each moment is fleeting, be it kisses or rows.
Stay strong for your loved ones, friends and family in need,
The New Year is coming, it's hurtling at speed.

Once the turkey is carved and the crackers are pulled,
When the wine bottle's empty, be it cava or mulled.
Let's lift up our glasses and raise up a toast,
To friends past and present, the one's we love most.

Whatever has been and whatever's in store,
Don't forget that the universe gives strength to endure,
The times that are challenging, tough and unclear,
Make the good times seem sweeter and absent from fear.

So a merry old Christmas to you my dear friends,
A new year is coming so let's make amends,
And hope the next twelve months whatever they bring,
Gives us reasons to celebrate, laugh, smile and sing.

Mummy Poet x

Saturday, 6 December 2014

On your sleeve

Forget the dark circles,
The stretch marks and scars,
The dodgy right ankle from slips on toy cars,
Nobody warns you that when you have kids,
Emotions boil over - a pot minus lid.

Now a tale of injustice, cruelty, neglect,
Will stir up strong feelings you will not expect,
The urge to protect like a lion with their cub,
No longer able to cast off with a shrug.

Reports of young courage on Children In Need,
Causes heartache so painful you'll donate at speed,
A story of wartime, infants injured while sleeping,
Will bring instant tears, uncontrollable weeping.

A children's choir, a forgotten mitten,
A picture of a newborn kitten,
All will cause your eyes to prick ...
The tears now find it hard to stick.

The sight of children's joy at play,
You'll sit and blub an hour away.

When you give birth you'll not retrieve,
A heart now permanently on your sleeve.

Mummy Poet x

Saturday, 8 November 2014

While you were sleeping

While you were sleeping I did some washing,
Cleaned your muddy boots off from all that splish-sploshing,
Started the lunch, tidied the toys,
Looked at some books about parenting boys.

While you were sleeping I vacuumed the lounge,
Scraped up some cake that you'd wheedled and scrounged,
Sorted some clothes, e-mailed some friends,
Sponged off the marks that you'd made with your pens.

While you were sleeping I finished my work,
Paid off some bills I've been trying to shirk,
Thought about schools, filled out some forms,
Nagged your dear dad about mowing the lawn.

While you were sleeping I hung coats on a hook,
Came up with ideas, started writing a book,
Thought of the future, worried and stressed,
Wiped down the high-chair you'd left in a mess.

While you were sleeping I thought about life,
It's up days and down-days, it's trouble and strife,
I looked at you sleeping, my eyes pricked with tears,
I pulled it together and swallowed my fears.

While you were sleeping a lifetime flew past,
But now I must focus, the future too vast,
I make a strong coffee, eat your left over cake,
Your eyes start to open, you'll soon be awake.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

You're not alone

When you've been up since 5 in the morning,
When you're feeling just barely awake,
When the tantrums and caffeine aren't mixing,
When your hands are beginning to shake.

When your washing pile seems never ending,
When the worry is getting you down,
When your toddler has crashed before playgroup,
When you're finding it hard not to frown.

When little hands reach up to hug you,
When a small voice shrieks 'Mummy!' with joy,
When your antics cause fits of the giggles,
When they squeal with delight at new toys.

When a mum friend shares stories of down-days,
When you laugh at bad times, share a moan,
When a kind word or act of compassion,
Makes you realise you're not on your own.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Gluey artworks on the fridge,
Upturned chairs to make a bridge,
Jumping on sofas, climbing up trees,
Picking up pebbles and stomping on leaves.

'I'm a big boy now' but still wants a bottle,
Finds some things hard but goes for it full throttle,
'Go away mummy!' but then wants a cuddle,
A head full of questions, back teeth and muddle.

No longer a baby, still not quite a boy,
Often a headache, more often a joy,
Soon will come pre-school, new challenges, fears,
Mummy will be here to wipe away tears.

Childhood is fleeting so try to hold on,
They're growing so fast now, so stuborn and strong,
Hug them each day, let them know that you're there,
Then give them their freedom, their life's yours to share.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Just a mum

Hair cutter,
Playgroup nutter,
Rustling up some toast and butter.

Buggy wheeling,
Kiss stealing,
Teething causes sinking feeling.

Play Doh kneading,
Story reading,
Tot in peril - 'is it bleeding?'

Kiss it better,
Learn some letters,
Wrangling toddler into sweater.

Drinking coffee on the run,
I'm nothing special,
Just a mum.

Thursday, 11 September 2014


I never knew my sister,
She died before I lived,
I see her in my parents eyes,
The sorrow of a life not lived.

I never knew my sister,
But know that she's still loved,
And that her life came to an end,
A loss I fear to comprehend.

I never knew my sister,
Yet feel her loss anew,
I mourn today what could have been,
The aunt my son has never seen.

I never knew you sister,
I wish that you were here,
To share the up's and down's of life,
To wipe away each others tears.

I never knew you sister,
But hold you in my heart,
And hope that you have seen me,
Through a lifetime spent apart.

Sunday, 7 September 2014


Milk weaning,
Oatmeal cleaning,
Time for cuddles,
Homework struggles,
Early rising, lack of wealth,
Rarely thinking of oneself.

Fear protecting,
App selecting,
Tickle times,
Help to climb,
Ever ready with a hug,
Running, jumping, chasing bugs.

Putting other people first,
Always proud, about to burst,
Realising that life is fleeting,
Evenings in and fussy eating,
Not too long before they've flown,
Tot, teenager, fully grown,
Such hard work, yet what a thrill, a little life with love to fill.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Old times and new times

When I miss the nights out and the dancing till dawn,
I look at your face as you stifle a yawn.
When my jeans all have holes and my shoes are worn down,
I look at your smile and it's hard to feel down.
When I miss splashing the cash, buying needless new clothes,
I watch your small hands line your cars up in rows.

For all that I've lost and all that has changed,
I know that with you in my life I have gained,
A fresh new perspective, a home full of fun,
A house filled with toys, and a cool bubble-gun.

I know It's hard sometimes not to miss your old life,
Just roll with the punches when your day serves up strife,
Your little one's little for such as short time,
And you know, in the meantime, there's take-out and wine.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Sleep while I'm sleeping

Sleep while I'm sleeping Mum before it's too late,
Sleep while I'm sleeping Mum, the dishes can wait.
Take a seat, close your eyes and re-energise,
Sleep while I'm sleeping Mum, I'll soon be awake.

Rest while I'm resting Mum you too need a break,
Rest while I'm resting, read a book, eat some cake.
My nap time is your time so use it with care,
I know I'm demanding and your 'me time' is rare.

If you sleep while I'm sleeping Mum the world doesn't end,
If you rest while I'm resting Mum your tired nerves will mend.
When I wake from my dreams, full of life, full of beans,
You'll be glad that you took my advice.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

A 2nd birthday poem

You've been on this planet a whole two years,
You've screamed, laughed, learned to walk, shed thousands of tears.
We've proudly watched you bloom and grow from baby into boy,
Finances stretched to breaking point from buying clothes and toys.

We'd never have believed it in the years and months before,
Each day, each hour, each second, we love you more and more.
It's sometimes been quite hard to cope with tantrums, temps and teething,
But having you has changed our world, given something to believe in.

Today we can't imagine life before you came along,
Without you we just wouldn't be this happy, skint or strong.
So as you tear your presents open, relishing the fun,
We'd like to wish you happiness, our darling little son.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Stay at home mum?

Up, serve breakfast with the lark,
Wash, get dressed and to the park.
Back for nap-time, warm some soup,
Off and out to toddler group.
To the shops to buy the tea,
Quick trip round to see Nanny.
You may just catch me on the phone,
But I vary rarely 'stay at home'.

Mummy poet x

Sunday, 22 June 2014


Sometimes a pain,
Sometimes a pleasure,
Devil and angel in varying measures,
Sofas and slides climbed up with ease,
Diggers and dump-trucks and dirty grazed knees.

Demanding then sweet, fast growing feet,
One minute starving then 'DON'T WANT TO EAT!'
A whirlwind of trouble, contradictions and fun,
He's one of a kind, your beautiful son.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Grated cheese

When there's grated cheese glued to the carpet,
When there are toys strewn all over your floors,
Breathe in .... give a shrug, give your toddler a hug,
There'll be time enough later for chores.

One day when they've grown and have from the nest flown,
Your surfaces shiny and bright,
You'll miss all the mess, the chaos and stress,
So cherish the moment right now.

Mummy poet x

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Mummy don't stress!

On the days when you're feeling more scummy than yummy,
On the days when just nothing seems right,
Just go with the flow, let anxiety go and life becomes less of a fight.

The dishes can wait, there's mess ... don't stress, tomorrow's the time to tidy.
Today just unwind, un-clutter your mind,
And remember this moment is fleeting.

When cash-flow is poor, fling open the door and head to the park in the sunshine,
A trip to the swings and cuddles with mummy 
Will make him feel richer than pot loads of money.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

A mothers day wish

'Full-time', 'part-time', 'stay-at-home' ... you're all great mums, leave each other alone!
Let's not judge each other's choices but sing out loud with guilt free voices;
'I love my bundle of snot-covered joy and a happy mum makes a happy girl/boy!'

Breast or bottle, daycare or childminder, your kid will be fine ... you're playing a blinder!
They're fed, washed and cuddled ... they know that you're there,
And through life, love and heartache they'll know that you cared.

So whether your 'baby' is 4 months or 40, a little sweet angel ... a monkey that's naughty,
Give your offspring a kiss, let your other half play,
And enjoy a large drink on this year's mothers day.

Mummy Poet x

Monday, 3 February 2014


Although I'm a mum I still like to have fun though my energy levels are lower,
I still like the odd drink so friend if you're asking, mines a large glass of pink!

Mummy poet x

The mummy and the student

When you see her on the street, screaming infant at her feet,
Do not glare in others view for one day soon that could be you.

When you see her on the train, work suit with faint puree stain,
Don't look down dreaming of tonight's party, give her a smile and a sip of your latte.

One day a student, next day a mum,
You're still up all night it's just slightly less fun!

Mummy poet x


Cruising, walking, MMR, forward facing in the car
Thoughts of schools and catchment maps,
Trips to Clarks and fewer naps.

Less a baby, more a boy, chatting, babbling to his toys
'Dad', 'Mum', 'Duck' 'Bubble',
The joy of words and mum-pride doubled.

Potty training, sippy cups, could those damn molars hurry up?
Climbing, running, shows no fear,
Mummy needs a post-bed beer!

Bouts of shyness, head-lap-hiding,
Toddler rants and biscuit bribing.

Shouting, joyful small-boy cries,
Still the apple of my eye.

Mummy poet x

Saturday, 25 January 2014

A first birthday poem

This day last year
I had no idea
How my life would change
Once you were here.

Alarm clocks became a redundant tool
My clothes soon covered in puke and drool
A good night’s sleep a thing of the past
Meals now consumed in your naptimes, fast.

It took me months just to read a book
My tummy now wobbles like a jelly someone shook
I’ve been to public places with only one eye made up
Been covered in milk when you’d feed and then throw up.

But no one could have told me the day the day that you popped out
How much my heart would swell with joy with every smile and pout
That even though I’d never thought I’d be ‘that kind of mum’
I’d lift you high into the air to sniff a suspect poo-ey bum.

Each day you change and need me less … you grow into a boy
Your independent bravery fills me with both fear and joy
I want to hold you close forever, protect you from life’s darker side
All I can do is to teach you well and hope in me you’ll always confide.

It doesn’t matter what you do, be you doctor or a dustman
I’ll always be so proud of you, I’ll always be your biggest fan
I hope you have an awesome life, filled with love and laughter
As all I want for you my son is happy ever after.

Mummy poet x