Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A New Year Poem

New beginnings, fond farewells,
Loved one's passed and wedding bells.
Children growing, aches and pains,
Daily chores and blocked-up drains.

Some days sunny, others with storms,
Drinks with friends and babies born.
Our patchwork life in 3-6-5 days,
No wonder it feels like a bit of a maze.

Good year or bad, let it slip to the past,
Wave troubles farewell like sails tied to a mast.
Step into tomorrow with it's imperfect mess,
Some days will be joyful, others just stress.

None of us knows what the next chapter holds,
So don't over think it, be courageous and bold.
Whatever's in store be it love, luck or strife,
It's another fine page in your wonderful life.

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