Saturday, 2 August 2014

Old times and new times

When I miss the nights out and the dancing till dawn,
I look at your face as you stifle a yawn.
When my jeans all have holes and my shoes are worn down,
I look at your smile and it's hard to feel down.
When I miss splashing the cash, buying needless new clothes,
I watch your small hands line your cars up in rows.

For all that I've lost and all that has changed,
I know that with you in my life I have gained,
A fresh new perspective, a home full of fun,
A house filled with toys, and a cool bubble-gun.

I know It's hard sometimes not to miss your old life,
Just roll with the punches when your day serves up strife,
Your little one's little for such as short time,
And you know, in the meantime, there's take-out and wine.

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