Saturday, 22 April 2017


I look at you with heavy heart,
To talk of death how do I start?
You question now, ask why we die,
A look of worry in your eye.

I do not understand myself,
The fragile state of human health.
I talk of heaven and hope it's true,
Can't bear the thought of leaving you.

I'll always be right at your side,
Here or above I'll watch your ride.
I pray I live to see you grow,
To flourish, learn and then to go.

The cliches now come thick and fast,
But there's a reason these words last.
Life IS too short each moment fleeting,
I type these words, my sad heart beating.

Don't worry or fret about the past,
Friendships gone weren't meant to last.
Let stresses pass, the days are long,
Go for a walk or sing a song.

Treat each hour with due respect,
When sadness comes, sit and reflect.
Keep family close within your heart,
Don't waste a moment, this IS the start.

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